Migration Linguistics Unit


Summer Course on Asian Englishes

Organized by the Graduate School of Global Studies, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies

August 3 to 5, 2022 via Zoom



A Pantheon of Asian Englishes Scholars

James D'Angelo

The Kachruvian Paradigm and the Range and Depth of Braj Kachru’s Influence

Anne Pakir

Contemporary Malaysian English Sounds

Stefanie Pillai

Lexical Priming: Asian Englishes and the Corpus

Vincent B.Y. Ooi

Corpus-Based Grammatical Studies of Philippine English

Shirley N. Dita

Rethinking Language Teacher Education in the Global Englishes paradigm: The Cline of Glocality in Singapore

Ee Ling Low

Korean/Englishes through the Lens of Global Asias

Jerry Won Lee

The Legitimacy of Expanding Circle Englishes

Nobuyuki Hino

Teaching English in Multilingual Settings

Isabel Pefianco Martin

Asian Englishes in the Oxford English Dictionary

Danica Salazar

Un/anticipated Itineraries: Mobilities, Contact and the Evolution of Asian Englishes

Lisa Lim

*Special lecture presented by the TUFS Migration Linguistics Unit and the AILA Migration Linguistics ReN

Standard(ization of) Asian Englishes

Ariane Macalinga Borlongan

A Model for Teaching World Englishes in Asian Classrooms

Alejandro S. Bernardo

Unequal Englishes in Asia

Ruanni Tupas

Englishes in Southeast Asia/Asia: Models, Norms and Implications for Applied Linguistics

Azirah Hashim


Ariane Macalinga Borlongan

Shirley N. Dita

Stefanie Shamila Pillai

Lisa Lim

Student Organizers

Jayson Donor Zabala

Chisato Oda

Kenichiro Kurusu

*This summer course is made possible (and made free for all) by the Joint Education Program of the Tokyo University of Foreign Studies.

The interactive flipbook of abstracts can also be accessed here:

1st Winter School on Migration Linguistics

Organized in collaboration with the international Organization for Migration Tokyo


Migration Linguistics:

Principles and Processes

February 9 to 11, 2022 via Zoom

Migration and mobility have been an enduring part of the story of civilizations and cultures. And in the movements of people, language has always been a very important vehicle which takes people from one place to another. Indeed, the role of language in the entire migration process cannot be underestimated. This very first winter school on migration linguistics engages students into epistemological issues and challenges corollary to the foregrounding of migrant and migration issues vis-à-vis language (viz., ‘migration linguistics’). It aims to interrogate how theoretical and methodological developments in linguistics and allied disciplines are being/ could be employed to provide fresh insights on human (im)mobilities within the context of current globalization processes. The winter school brings together some of the highly esteemed and most prolific scholars in the study of language and migration to be able to train and empower students to study language and migration from truly interdisciplinary and multidimensional approaches and perspectives.

Organizing Committee

Ariane Macalinga Borlongan (Chair)

Nicanor Guinto (Co-Chair)

Lisa Lim

Loy Lising

Kenichiro Kurusu

Chisato Oda

Jayson Donor Zabala

*This winter school is made possible (and made free for all) by the Joint Education Program of the Tokyo University of Foreign Studies.

The interactive flipbook of abstracts can also be accessed here:


Language in the Time of Pandemic

An online symposium organized in collaboration with the Singapore Association of Applied Linguistics (SAAL) and Oxford Languages

November 22, 2021 via Zoom

The global crisis brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, initially just a health concern, has eventually affected all peoples and societies of the world, essentially everyone. This online symposium titled Language in the Time of Pandemic looks closely at language use during this global health crisis and considers the situation from various viewpoints and perspectives in the discipline of linguistics. In particular, it deals with how language carried the weight, bore the challenges, and made more apparent various social problems existing even before the pandemic unfolded. Ingrid Piller will deliver the keynote and there will be lectures from Danica Salazar, Rebecca Starr, Jasper Kyle Catapang, Kenichiro Kurusu, and Ariane Borlongan, with Lisa Lim providing a synthesis and discussion in the end.

Language Resources Relating to COVID-19 from Oxford Languages in Their COVID-19 Hub

Covid-19 language resources | Oxford Languages


Official Launch of the Migration Linguistics Unit

September 28, 2021 via Zoom

The TUFS Migration Linguistics Unit was formally launched. An overview of the Unit was given by Ariane Borlongan and an inaugural lecture on migration, sociolinguistic typology, and language change wasdelivered by Paul Kerswill.

Video in MLU YouTube channel:


Conversations on Migration and Language

Conversations on Migration and Language is a conversation series, which will be in the format of a talk show. We will invite academics, practitioners, and migrants themselves to a conversation regarding various language issues in the context of global migration today. It endeavors to bring together various stakeholders in the migration process in a dialogue. We believe that dialogues such as this conversations series are helpful in making efforts towards making human mobilities more beneficial and effective to all people concerned. In particular, the conversation series will allow academics and practitioners to really deal with the issues migrants confront in their lives, most especially those relating to language.

The conversations will feature researchers and practitioners in the themes and topics in focus. It will have as main discussants Lisa Lim and Loy Lising and as moderators Nicanor Guinto and Ron Bridget Vilog. The series is being convened and hosted by Ariane Borlongan at the Tokyo University of Foreign Studies (Japan) with support from the TUFS Center for Multilingual Multicultural Research and Education.

Future Events

The 1st International Conference on Migration Linguistics